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We transport, store and manage foodstuffs and goods.

Our company undertakes the transport of loads, products, and controlled temperature goods in the fastest, more consistent and effective way.
Being one of the strongest players of the supply chain globally, it has the know-how, the infrastructure, and the proper human resources to effectively meet all kinds of challenges. MED FRIGO is your reliable partner in storing, managing and transporting your products from your business to their final destination.


International road transport

MED FRIGO guarantees the road transport of cargo, products, and goods in the fastest, more consistent and effective way

Transport to EU

As we strongly believe that the development of our customers’ commercial network is our responsibility as well, MED FRIGO is constantly expanding its partnerships, with the aim of consolidating its presence in new markets and offering new opportunities in exports.


Transport from EU

To meet the ever-increasing needs of its customers who import products from Europe, our company created CARGO MED, a company with a privately-owned fleet to manage shipments from Europe to Greece.


Intra-Europe transport

Recognizing the social and economic changes taking place, as well as the new challenges ahead, we have expanded our services to intra-European shipments, taking advantage of our long standing presence in Europe.


Management - Storage

We ensure reliable and safe picking, traceability, storage and distribution of products.


Managing and classifying products per customer and order is a dominant process

Picking Medfrigo


The 74,000 m² modern, privately owned facilities of MED FRIGO provide frozen & chilled storage space of 19,000 m².

αποθήκευση medfrigo

Management according to FEFO/FIFO/LIFO

MED FRIGO implements the FEFO/FIFO/LIFO systems ensuring thus prompt registration of products, as well as their hierarchical and chronological matching with shipments, customers and documents.

Διαχείριση κατά FEFO/FΙFO/LIFO

Transport of special loads

We specialize in groupage freight, storage and management of temperature-controlled products (-25o C/+ 25o).


Reliable solutions for the transport of pharmaceutical products according to the international standards


Ship supplies

We reliably and consistently undertake shipments related to the supply of ships

Προμήθειες πλοίων

High-value goods

We specialize in the import of high-value goods from Europe to Greece

Εμπορεύματα υψηλής αξίας

Additional value services

24-hour customer & partner support
MED FRIGO services are provided 24/7/365, constantly meeting the needs of our customers
Electronic picking
Picking is now made electronically ensuring the integrity of the process
Computerized goods transportation management
Our company offers modern IT services that enable digital interconnection, configuration and interaction for the safe and speedy management of goods
Quality control
MED FRIGO uses a certified quality control system throughout the whole process of picking, managing and transporting products
Our company issues electronic documents, achieving, among others, process simplification, costs reduction, direct access to the file, greater control and transparency

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to provide quality and integrated services in the temperature-controlled road transport and logistics. Our vision is to be among the best by offering more to our customers and achieving continuous and sustainable growth.

Med Frigo Certifications